Manual invoice entry eliminated and workflow accelerated.

Cargo Brokers
January 6, 2020

After manual invoice entry was eliminated, the workflows were streamlined and collaboration between teams accelerated.


"We were looking for a data automation system to help us seamlessly process hundreds of accounts payable invoices and Raft has more than stepped up to meet our needs."


"Raft worked diligently to offer tools to aid in efficiency and accuracy, such as:

Integration with CargoWise to allow the ability to open billing information in CargoWise by simply clicking on the file number, and to not just see, but email the job costing owner, with one easy click.

Pre-set dollar amount tolerance levels for matching invoices to accruals.

The ability to extract invoice data from more than just the first page of the scan, and also to move, re-categorize, or even delete pages, as required."


"Raft has allowed us to streamline accounts payable invoice processing in such a way that we have all but eliminated the need for manually entering invoices, thereby assisting in remaining current with our vendors, and ultimately reducing disruptions to shipments to our customers.”

Collaboration tools in particular (i.e. being able to reassign packs, leave comments, tag other users) are helpful to our users to manage their work queue and exception cases. For example, managing the transition of exception invoices from finance over to ops and then back again for posting. The team have been making use of reassigning and comments to communicate between teams."

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